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Last Hope

Check back with us soon about Kellon and Emma’s story!

To keep you going, here’s an UNEDITED snippet:

Kellon left the stall and took a seat on the work bench just inside the barn door. A low groan filled his throat as he removed his boots. He’d declined the offer to live in the bunkhouse with Barney and Frank, the only other hands on the Lone Pine Ranch. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the two older men. He simply preferred to be alone with his thoughts. Besides, he wouldn’t wish his cantankerous presence on his worst enemy.

Funny, considering his worst enemy was himself.

Sighing, he stood and walked to the wide double doors as he unbuttoned his shirt. Finished with the last button, he allowed the shirt to hang open as he closed one door, then stopped. His eyes drifted across the wide expanse of land separating the barn from the main house where light spilled from the windows.

Behind the walls of the one-story ranch house with its wrap-around porch, was the woman he’d been working for since he’d arrived in Conifer County a month ago. He’d tracked his old army buddies to this tiny town, intending only to say a final goodbye before he disappeared. They were his last link to anything resembling a normal life.

He chuckled inwardly. Dodging bullets in Afghanistan was a hell of a long way from being normal.

Still, they’d managed to keep him here longer than he’d intended to stay.
You’re not just staying because of them.

Kellon shook off the unwanted thought. There was no way the lady of the manor was getting to him. He had nothing left to give to anyone. Especially a woman like Emma Bowden. Although Kellon had never had Chance’s charm or Tray’s womanizing ways, he’d never lacked for female companionship. Relationships had been few and far between and always of his choosing. He had a feeling that his new boss wasn’t the type to take orders.

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